Knowledge transfer for the optimal application of FEMAG
FEMAG Schulung

Within the scope of our FEMAG products, we offer workshops with very practical content. The workshops do not focus on the official training, but on the teaching of daily applications.

1. FEMAG-DC basic modules (2 days) 

  • Introduction to FEM 
  • Model construction 
  • Simple calculations 
  • Multiple calculations and engine simulation  

2. Script programming with FEMAG (2 days) 

  • Introduction to LUA 
  • Create FEMAG script 
  • Automate calculations 
  • Simple optimization 
  • Debugging 

3. Multi-physics with FEMAG (2 days) 

  • Introduction to FEMAG-ME and FEMAG-TH 
  • Applications of the modules on the same model 
  • Automate calculations with script 
  • Optimization 

4. FEMAG-TS (1 day) 

  • Introduction to FEMAG-TS  

5. Python and Femagtools Training (2 days) 

  • Software Engineering Basics 
  • Python Introduction 
    • Syntax, data types, program structures, input and output, 
    • Error handling, functions, classes, modules, packages, testing, logging 
  • Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib 
    • Arrays, Matrices, Plotting, Linear Algebra, FFT, Interpolation 
    • Curve fitting, differential equations 
  • Femagtools 
    • FSL generation, parameterization, multiple optimization 
  • Documentation 

The training courses can be held in CH-Basel, CH-Winterthur or D-Hannover, or on request at your location. We would be glad to make you an offer. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.